The Art of making sense

About Me

To create on ultimate moment with a team of 15 professionals and to be allowed to impersonate this moment and to know that it is fantastisch because my heart and soul is in it. And that now, after all my years of education in learning how to act with my entire body, I am able to bring all this together so it is even more real. That makes me lyrical, that touches me.

Double warded best actress, sixlingual. At age 15 I started modelling successfully. My first experience with camera acting was beging cast for the lead role in a Dutch movie. At age 17 I won my first award as best actress. After this I did two international theatre schools for movement and improvisation. And I developed as a method acting actress into an improvisational actress with motion intelligence. I learned to speak 6 languages, and recently won my second award as best actress for my lead role in the movie “Greed”.

As I love to travel, I visited Spain, France and the Caribbean a lot and stayed with the following people, who became good friends. They wrote me these heartwarming references:

'Nice and beautiful energy in a happy body! Please take care of her and she will bring you her sunshine of happiness!'
Minh Kapek
'She can feel amazed also by details. What you saw in my picture is so beautifully incredible!'
Nectaria Triantafyllou
'Angele is one of the most authentic and brave people I know. She dares to show her own sensitivity, knows herself very well and is very caring. Everything but superficial and plain.'
Anke Middeldorp