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International Multilingual Power Actress with a strength that comes from the heart? Please fill out the form and I will get back to you ASAP. 

“Angèle is good fun: an accurate observer with a high capacity to marvel. Very thankful and trustworthy.”
David Barrachina
“Angèle has a kind heart and great energy!”
Thomas de Bont
“Angèle is one of the most authentic and brave people I know. She dares to show her own sensitivity, knows herself very well and is very caring. Everything but superficial and plain.”
Anke Middeldorp
“Angèle is very special: nice, quiet, funny, respectful, interesting. Thank you Angèle”
Axel Ayache
“Knowledgeable and insightful, with thoughtful reflexions.”
Jose Escobar
“She can feel amazed also by details. What you saw in my picture is so beautifully incredible!”
Nectaria Triantafyllou
“Angèle is a very special and emotional person, deep and easygoing.”
Manuel Taborga
“Nice and beautiful energy in a happy body! Please take care of her and she will bring you her sunshine of happiness!”
Minh Kapek