Angèle Roelofs

Curriculum Vitae

Double Award Winning Best Character Actress



2021 Lead international cinema movie ‘Greed’, Amazon Prime
2018 & 2019 Lead international cinema movie ‘Greed’, Maarsbergen en Rotterdam
1989 Starring alongside Bram van der Vlught, PTT operation film, Jongenelen Roosendaal
1989 AWARD CAMERA ACTING. Amsterdam TV & Video Projects, Amsterdam


2019 Lead TVseries X-Faktor, “Das Unfassbare kehrt zurück”, Niederdührenbach, Germany.
2019 Comedy Central: character actress in sketch-dialogue for ‘The roast of…’.
2016 & 2017 Lead courtesy campaign all cinemas, city of Anvers.
2013 Lead TV SERIES IDTV “Accused”, SBS 6, Amsterdam.
2013 Lead TV SERIES ‘Fuss In The Classroom’, Bergen Aan Zee

1990 Selected as lead for Dutch cinema movie.
1989 Lead VPRO television program, Children’s Book Series Lures, Utrecht.
1989 Lead in TV video clip of Steven de Jong. Schiermonnikoog.
1988 Selected as lead by Ruud van Hemert (Feature film ‘De Meiden’)

Dutch native
German native
Spanish native
English native
French native
Italian native
Dutch native
English native
German native
French native
Spanish native
Italian native
All accents possible

2024 Lead Psy Flix emotionally focussed therapy, Baarn
2021 Supporting role feature film  as mother of celeb Amanda Rawles (3,5 mln insta)
2021 French, German, Spanish and Dutch presenter of an international quiz
2021 Leading role in video and photo campaign Dutch railways
2020 Lead online commercial Knowledge center sweeteners, Rotterdam airport
2020 Lead online video Realwood
2019 Lead online video ‘Florius’
2017 Lead video and photography ‘Kaleidoscoop’
2017 Lead online video ‘Obelink’
2017 English speaking lead Cygnific
2017 Lead online educational film counsel of Utrecht
2017 Lead regional commercial, Heerhugowaard
2016 Lead international Fuij Film website
2016 Lead English doctor in medical educational movie
2016 English & French interpreter and performer, fashion-event Hermès, Amsterdam.
2016 Lead French Action website, Haarlem
2016 Lead English with Goedele Liekens, Hasselt, België
2016 Lead Ministery of infrastructure and Environment, Den Haag
2016 Lead mother of grandmother with dementia, Provincie Brabant
2015 Lead NPO-idents drama, Utrecht
2015 Lead English C&A online international commercial
2015 Lead Esschert Design productfilm, Enschede
2015 Lead educational healthcare movie
2015 Lead C1000 corporate movie
2015 Lead Tubantia internet commercial, Hengelo
2015 Lead corporate movie Vion, Tilburg
2014 Lead Plieger Commercial, Bussum
2014 Lead regional commercial
2013 Lead TV series ‘Fuss in the classroom’, Bergen aan Zee
2013 Lead TV SERIES IDTV “Accused”, SBS 6, Amsterdam
2012 Lead Web commercial Loyalis, Amsterdam
2012 Voice over FRENCH, Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam
2011 English presentation website, Amsterdam
2011 Lead advertising save scan, Amsterdam
2011 Dancer Holland Casino TV commercial, Amsterdam
2010 TV-assistant LIVE Uri Geller show, Hilversum SBS 6
2010 Actor Police Training Rotterdam Rijnmond
2010 Lead TV commercial Max Havelaar currency
2010 Lead Supervisor “The Rotterdam Conspiracy” and voiceover
2010 Lead mime movie, Amsterdam. Amsterdam Fashion Institute
2009 Lead Achmea company, EMPA-TV
2009 Supporting role Film Hanro Smitsman, “The Garden Party”
2008 & 2009 Entrance act tailored for the Breaking the Waves festival
2007-2010 Movement theater, dance and singing for Theater Waiters
2007-present Mime acts, and sets for theater for Tiramisu & Artrageous
2003 Movement Theatre, opening performance Mind and Body Fair
2002 Production of my own movement theater
1992 Lead VPRO television program., Utrecht. Children’s Book Series Lures
1992 Character actress international musical tour through East Germany
1991 Lead in KPN educational film, Amsterdam
1991 Lead in doctor information film, Amsterdam
1989 Actress alongside Bram van der Vlught, PTT operation film, Roosendaal
1988 Lead in TV video clip of Steven de Jong. Schiermonnikoog

“You give me such beautiful images, I love you”
Djotipersad Lachman
2021 Model with Top fotographer Michael Graste for PowerSlim, Eindhoven
2020 Model Michiko shiatsu, Enschede
2019 Model Kaleidoscoop, Brussels / ‘ASR’, Oss / ‘Curion’ Campain
2018 Model Legal assistance ANWB, Zwolle / Makro, Amsterdam
2017 ‘Courtesycampaign’, Anvers / Florade, Enschede / My models
2016 Model Peek Creative Productions (international), Etten-leur / Tubantia, Hengelo
2015 Model NCOI, Amsterdam/DIDI, Amsterdam/Sealand-promotional campaign seamussels, Harmelen
2014 Model InstalCenter cover / Aegon, Haarlem / Azalp sauna / Hostess French RAI Amsterdam
2013 Model for Energetic health insurance for women / Deventer lives / Huuskes Catering
2012 Cover model NS SPOOR magazine, Hilversum / Voice-over Frenchspeaking, Museum Hermitage, Amsterdam / The Telephoneguide / LEM website and Twente Environment.
2011 Model & dancer Dance Valley / Movementactress with Henk Zwart, Festival 5D, A’damDirector improvisationtheatre ADHD, The Hague / Trainingsactor communication, Derks training
2010 Dance Performance for “Posten” / Director, Group Improvisation DIPT, Utrecht.
2009 Supporting role movie `Liebe Edelbitter` / A’dam E.V.A. / Brand / Model Holland reads Oeroeg / Intent / Leaflet cabanas Bergen / Danceteacher Concordia. Improvisation for teachers.
2008 Dance and direction for Inanna-art, Improvisation Performance, Belgium.
2008-present Percussion, song and dance duo ‘Rhythm of Life’.
2007 Selected by Gerard Mosterd and Ronald Wintjens as their dancer 2006 Dance Marathon Merkx and dancers / Leading dancer ‘Pulp’ Odeon, Zwolle.
2004 – 2005 Innovative theatre for Amicon, Oldenzaal.
2001 Choreographer and dancer, Brussels, including Kodak.
1996 Direction and production total theater.
1995 Object theatre Botanical Gardens, Utrecht.
1987 Model Tina badderboekje and Brigitte Bardot / Favorite model for Dagblad Tubantia, Lingerie directory / Smiths Crisps / Kodak / Youth Folder, etcetera

2015 Masterclass film acting for movies
2014 Higher Cultural and Social Development
2011-2013 Physical education, Windesheim, movement therapist
2010 Training company actor Police Academy Rotterdam
2005 International theater school, Lassaad, Brussels
1998 – 2000 International theater school, Small Academy, Brussels
1997 Higher education for Dance and movement
1997 Academy of camera acting, Maarssen
1996 Education For mime school Amsterdam
1988 Academy of camera acting, Maarssen


Expressive, versatile, improvisation, original, voice: Soprano, musical instrument: percussion, Stunts, Acrobatics: (On a horse: Voltige and in the air: Tissu), Stilts


Comedy Central TV-Host “You Top actress! It is very moving!”

Director Djotipersad Lachman “You give me such beautifull images, I love you”

Producer Greg Stone “Angèle is a very professional actress and very easy and quick to work with.”

Executive producer Peter Koghee “Angèle knows how to make something really interesting out of a simple subject”

Owner/producer EMPATV Henk van Emmerloot “We have 1,5 hours to spare, because it’s already perfect in an hour.”

Soundman Elias Sturtewagen “Angèle is very accurate with her timing, personally, I am a fan.”

Soundman Glen Amazone “You are réally good with text”

Colleague instant poet: “You are really fast!”

Producer Kris Van der Hart “Angèle is a very professional model and nice to work with. Attentive to the remarks of the photografer/art-director and with personal imput, so the whole receives spontaneous added value.”

Fotographer Harry Roekens “For me, Angèle was the most memorable appearance of the entire festival.”

Owner My Models Marianne Verhagen “If you ever start again, I will continue with you alone.”

Director Djotipersad Lachman: “If I had known that you are able to do this, I would have given you many more stunts.”