Company Training​

I create tailor-made training courses for companies in the field of internal communication and dealing with clients. I do this by means of a theater performance, which I make in consultation with the client.

The starting point is the current situation within the organisation. The participant can be an actor, musician, technician or, for example, a set builder, depending on her/his wish.

The aim of the training is to improve motivation and communication within teams. Many participants never had experienced something so fun and inspiring.

What people say!

"Angèle has helped our [MBO-student] as a company actress to work on their communicative and conversational skills. She is in tune with the students and she knows how to pull the right strings. A nice cooparation!"
Monique Amtink
Manager Zone College
“Angèle is a very professional actress and very easy and quick to work with.”
Greg Stone
“Angèle is very accurate with her timing, personally, I am a fan.”
Elias Sturtewagen
“Angèle knows how to make something really interesting out of a simple subject”
Peter Koghee
Executive Producer
"You top actress! it is very moving!"
Ali B.
“You give me such beautifull images, I love you”
Djotipersad Lachman